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The Vision 2011 program resulted in $278.5 million in capital investment and 3,482 new or saved jobs.

Vision 2016

Vision 2016 is seeking to create 2,000 primary income jobs with an annual payroll of more than $66 million (when all 2,000 jobs are in place) to the community. Vision 2016 will focus on the attraction of $250 million in new capital investment.

According to Michael Hicks, Director of the Center for Business and Economic Research for Ball State University, the achievement of Vision 2016 goals can bring in 4,124 in direct, indirect, and induced jobs with $261.9 million in value-added over 5 years. Those numbers grow to 8,250 direct, indirect, and induced jobs with $523.9 million in value-added over 10 years.

Project Goals and Objectives

The Vision 2016 Economic Development Program has the following goals:

  1. Expansion and retention of existing businesses
  2. New business attraction
  3. Image of Muncie-Delaware County
  4. Workforce Education
  5. Community Planning and Preparedness
  6. Early Childhood Education

Implementation Plan

The Vision 2016 program began on January 1, 2012. Economic development program staff will incorporate the goals and objectives into a detailed “Annual Program of Work.” This working document will be updated each year for the life of the Vision 2016 Program. The program will conclude on December 31, 2016.

Staff Involvement in the Project

Vision 2016 staff will be responsible for directing day to day operations of the program in a manner that will most effectively achieve the goals and objectives. The Chief Economic Development Officer, Vice President of Economic Development, Economic Development Project Manager, and the Economic Coordinator will all be involved in this effort. The Board of Directors of both the Chamber of Commerce and Delaware Advancement Corporation along with the numerous committees within the structure of the program will provide valuable and needed input.

Community Benefit

The general welfare and material well-being of the citizens of Muncie-Delaware County depend on immediate action to develop a strong, entrepreneurial economy, characterized by knowledge, innovation, and speed. It is in the best interest of Muncie-Delaware County to promote research innovation and high-technology enterprises that utilize the high-order skills of an educated workforce.

The Vision 2016 economic development program presents a tremendous opportunity to move our community forward by helping to transition Muncie-Delaware County from a traditional community relying heavily on manufacturing to a community that embraces technology, innovation, entrepreneurship. This transition is necessary if we are going to retain our residents, increase our tax base, and raise the standard of living in our community. The incorporation and focus on Early Childhood education is an important component of this new program. We can only achieve the goal of exceeding the state average per capita income level by raising the overall educational levels or our residents.

Vision 2016 will not abandon existing businesses and the manufacturing sector. Rather, it will seek to work with existing businesses to take advantage of programs and opportunities that will make them more competitive in today’s global environment. It will seek to bring new 21st century manufacturing-based businesses to the community.

Method of Evaluation

The method of evaluation for each goal is defined in the economic development plan book on pages 11, 13,14,16,18, and 21.

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