Muncie-Delaware County Chamber of Commerce

Since 1894, the Chamber has been an integral part of Muncie and Delaware County because of our strategic business building plans and services. We strive to be a source of innovative business development for our community by engaging large, medium and small business in countless industries. The Chamber builds an extensive Muncie business network through member connections and expansion.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to be the leading business organization with the main purpose of advancing the commercial, financial, industrial and civic interests of our community. The Muncie-Delaware County Chamber of Commerce is proactive in the support of economic growth for the community through Vision 2016 and the Economic Development Alliance. Our organization works hard to promote and sustain existing Muncie businesses and industry.

Chamber Involvement

Involvement in the Muncie-Delaware County Chamber of Commerce increases business credibility and enhances your reputation in the community.  Chamber membership is a solid investment for any business, regardless of size. A 2008 Shapiro Group survey on how Chamber membership affects public consumer opinion shows that seven out of ten consumers believe simply being a member of the local Chamber enhances a business’s reputation. Read more of our return on investment piece.

Chamber Opportunities

The Muncie-Delaware County Chamber of Commerce also provides access to marketing, events, government, education and training, member partnerships providing discounts on programs such as health care, and many other services dedicated to helping our members excel in the Muncie-Delaware County business community. Our Chamber staff members and Board of Directors work hard to ensure your business has a plan for the future and a market to serve.

Being resourceful allows us to offer a broad range of innovative and creative sponsorship, advertising and marketing opportunities to our members. Our benefits are quantifiable and allow you to gain direct exposure for your company. To view photos of some events and programs, visit our photo albums.

If you are interested in Chamber membership or would like more information, please visit our membership page or contact your Chamber directly.