Alternative Energy Initiative

Muncie-Delaware County is a community of choice in Indiana and the Midwest for alternative energy projects. Indiana’s progressive, pro-business environment, innovative workforce, and unmatched technological and manufacturing expertise make the state a center for research, development and production in the energy industry.

Innovative wind power company, Brevini USA and Brevini Wind has chosen to do business in Muncie-Delaware County. This company, and many others, find the talent and resources they need for success right here in our county.

The nation’s largest geothermal heating and cooling system has been built in Muncie at Ball State University.

Ball State University Sustainability Statement
Ball State University Council on the Environment (COTE): A University-Wide Clearinghouse for Sustainability Initiatives
Ball State University Geothermal Project
Ball State University Clustered Academic Minors in Environmentally Sustainable Practices
Ball State Univeristy Center for Energy Research/Education/Service (CERES)

The community has close proximity to three international airports, excellent access to the interstate highway system, fully-serviced land sites with rail service, low cost utilities, and a skilled labor force.