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A 2007 study found Ball State University’s cutting-edge academic programs, picturesque buildings and tree-lined roads located in the nation’s most affordable college town. According to the third annual Coldwell Banker College Home Price Comparison Index (HPCI), Muncie’s affordability is in part based upon the cost of typical family home. When it comes to making a life in Muncie-Delaware County, the diverse housing market has something for everyone.

A Place for Everyone

Whether seeking a single-family home in an urbanized setting or a beautiful estate with plenty of acreage, buyers have their pick of a high quality selection. If that dream home isn’t yet on the market, a wealth of local architects, designers and builders are readily available to bring that dream to life.

For those who are not in the market to buy, plenty of rental properties are available throughout the Muncie-Delaware County area. New apartments and condominium complexes, lofts, townhomes and rental houses dot the map of this thriving East Central Indiana region, affording renters a host of options.

The area’s location has proven its appeal to residents through high caliber schools, health care facilities, shopping venues and cultural paths placed right at their fingertips. Another distinct advantage to living in Muncie versus a similarly sized community is having three unique historic districts nestled in and around the downtown area. A local historical preservation group actively continues to work on revitalizing the homes in these areas, marinating their aesthetic nature.

For newcomers to the area, many financial institutions and knowledgeable realtors are available to aid in finding the right home. These professionals also offer services in order to familiarize clients with Muncie-Delaware County.

For more information about housing or rentals in the Muncie-Delaware County area, please contact our local realtors.