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April 12, 2019

Delaware Dynamics Breaks Ground on New Facility to Expand High-Tech Capabilities

At a ceremony today, Delaware Dynamics, the largest producer of die cast molds in North America, officially broke ground on a new facility that will be dedicated to escalating their high-tech capabilities. The building will house high-speed mills including another state-of-the-art 5-axis machine, and the expansion of their 3-D printing capabilities to greater sizes and a larger variety of materials.

The new expansion will be the tenth building located on Delaware Dynamics’ campus, just south of downtown in Muncie, Indiana.  The 29,000 square foot facility will allow Delaware Dynamics to better service their existing customers and explore other business opportunities that would benefit from their strong engineering and machining expertise and capabilities.

“We are one of the leading engineering and machining businesses in the United States and actually the world. We build large, high-pressure die cast tooling that makes transmission cases and engine blocks. We’re working 3 to 4 model years ahead in the American automotive industry. We are doing work that no one else in the United States is doing with our high pressure structural molds and are consistently on the leading edge of manufacturing technology,” said Gary Keesling, Controller for Delaware Dynamics.

This growth will coincide with new job opportunities with the company and the launch of a formal structured Apprenticeship Program. This program will include a pre-apprentice initiative to help provide candidates the information and skills needed to enter the program. The Apprenticeship Program will leverage the knowledge, skills and experience of its team of expert CNC Machinists, Engineers, Tool Builders/Assemblers, and supporting staff to ensure their success.

Delaware Dynamics provides competitive pay with full benefits and the opportunity for a strong career path for motivated, driven and hard working employees. For information on career opportunities, visit

Company officials shared that the project was competitive and they had received incentive offers from other communities. At the request of the Muncie-Delaware County Economic Development Alliance and Mayor Dennis Tyler, the Muncie City Council supported the project with a unanimous vote to approve tax abatement on real estate improvements.

About Delaware Dynamics
Delaware Dynamics is the largest producer of die cast molds in North America. They possess the unique ability to support their customer’s needs from small multi cavity component parts up to large V-Block engine dies weighing up to 200,000 pounds.

The proven capability to quickly deliver the finest tools obtainable is a direct result of their experienced and dedicated staff. Their continuing effort to remain at the pinnacle of available technologies for the design, manufacture, and development of our product has reduced lead times and improved quality and life cycle of the dies.

As innovators in the die cast industry, Delaware has created many of the ideas now advertised by others as their standard business practices. They were the first to use CAD/CAM techniques to eliminate the handmade cavity models and reduced overall tolerances threefold. Slide interchangeability through the use of 3D virtual design and manufacturing has been a common feature of their tools since the early 1980’s.  Their recent improvements in the dies used to manufacture V-Block engines have dramatically reduced bore tolerances, required machine stock, and cycle times.

About the Muncie-Delaware County Economic Development Alliance
The Alliance (EDA) represents a consortium of economic development entities dedicated to the growth and prosperity of Muncie-Delaware County, Indiana. Our purpose is to allocate and leverage economic development resources to sustain and enhance the economic growth, vitality and global competitiveness of Muncie-Delaware County. The EDA’s administrative entities are Delaware Advancement Corporation (DAC) and the Muncie-Delaware County Chamber of Commerce. For additional information, please visit


Gary Keesling
Controller, Delaware Dynamics

Traci Lutton, Vice President, Economic Development
Muncie-Delaware County Economic Development Alliance