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February 16, 2018

Study Finds the Need for 405 New Homes

Zanola Company has created a Housing Needs Analysis for HWC Engineering focusing on the City of Muncie, Indiana. The purpose of this study was to research and forecast the need for new housing creation, both single family and multifamily, and type of demand over the next five years for Muncie, Indiana. A special focus has been given to identifying housing needs for underserved, move-out segments, and identified move-in targets.

This study has concluded and forecast a need for a total of 405 new homes with developed lots over the next five years for the city of Muncie, Indiana. Home types are balanced among urban attached, urban single family, suburb attached, suburb single family and suburb custom homes.

This study included progressive research and findings in the following order: Market Overview, Mapping Focus, Demographics Focus, Competitive Focus, Amenities Focus, Comparative Analysis, Strategies and Recommendations Overview, and Absorption Scenarios.

Research resources for this study include Delaware County assessor data, Delaware County and city of Muncie building department data, U.S. Census data, Nielsen-Claritas research, Bureau of Labor and Statistics, Internal Revenue Service, and other resources currently available at the time of this study. Additional and extensive on-site and market area field research was developed during the course of this study.

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